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‘Is he kidding?’: Labor MP says China needs greater control of global media

A NSW Labor MP is under fire after making a speech indicating China needs to create a “new world order” to reach its potential.

Upper House MLC Shaoquett Moselmane made the comments at State Parliament last week while opening a meeting for the Sydney Institute for Public and International Affairs.

The Labor member said for China to “overcome the will of the West” it needs to maintain a “strong military” and have “greater control of the global media”.

Andrew Bolt is absolutely staggered by the comments.

“I just cannot believe how there is an Australian politician… who recommends that China, a strategic rival, a rising power and a threat, should have a strong military and furthermore that it should have more control over the world’s media.

“I beg your pardon? They jail journalists there, there is no free press.

“And he wants China to have more control over the world’s media? Is he kidding?”

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley is yet to comment on Mr Moselmane’s questionable remarks, but Andrew says that isn’t good enough.

“I would like to see Luke Foley say something about this. This surely can’t represent modern Labor?”

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