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Ipswich City Council given more time to prove why it shouldn’t be sacked

Ipswich City Council has been given until next Friday to prove why it shouldn’t be booted.

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe has issued the council another show cause notice under new laws allowing him to dismiss any council or councillors if it’s in the public interest.

The latest decision comes after multiple charges were laid against Ipswich councillors and staff by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Minister Hinchliffe says the disgraced council has until Friday next week to show why it shouldn’t be sacked.

“The council and the residents of Ipswich have my commitment that any further material will be considered quickly but thoroughly and a decision made shortly thereafter,” he said.

The council says it will now submit further documentation showing it’s getting on with the job.

They responded to the first show cause notice when it was issued last month.


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