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Inspiring 11 year old’s fight to find a cure for kids’ cancer

There’s nothing crueler in this world, than a child suffering from a serious illness. Yet. kids seem to have an odd strength to them, displaying more resilience, more joy in life, than anyone else.

Sarah Brookes’ story is seriously unbelievable.

The 11 year old was diagnosed with the aggressive bone cancer, osteosarcoma, in 2016. She endured 2 years of chemotherapy, marathon operations and hospital stays.

The beautiful, bubbly young girl lost her hair, appetite, weight, even the ability to walk without crutches.

Thankfully, she’s now in remission.

But at a time when she should be going back to being a kid, Sarah’s decided to do everything she can to raise money to find a cure for kids’ cancer. She’s running her own charity, Sarah’s Charity Candles – she makes beautiful candles and sells them to raise money.

Sarah Brookes is a truly inspirational girl.

And you can check out Sarah’s Charity Candles here.