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Immigration quality is more important than quantity, says Minister

Peter Dutton says we need to look beyond the raw numbers when it comes to the rate of immigration.

The Minister for Home Affairs tells Ray Hadley it’s more important to make sure we bring the right people in than to just look at the number of people we bring in.

Mr Dutton pushes the point international students make up 45% of the number, and they contribute to a $20 billion industry.

“They’re eating at restaurants they’re buying stuff from small businesses.

“Those kids are included in the number but they don’t automatically go on to become Australian citizens.

“So there’s a whole complicated discussion around who we’ve got within the program.”

But Ray says we need to put the “handbrake” on immigration numbers.

Ray: “You’re the Trump, you’re the boss, you’re the minister. Hey mate, the way things are going [Labor will] back in and it’ll be up by 150,000 this time in a couple of years.”

Dutton: “People should think about that at the time of the next election.”

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NSW One Nation Senator Brian Burston calls Ray to weigh in on the debate.

“I think Tony Abbott’s close to the mark.

“Every immigrant that comes into the country, it costs our infrastructure $100,000.”

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