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Immigration minister dismisses fears Hong Kongers will flood job market

Australia is set to welcome more skilled workers and students from Hong Kong amid China’s anti-democratic crackdown in the special administrative region.

The federal government on Thursday announced the suspension of its extradition agreement with Hong Kong.

Hong Kongers in Australia will have their visas extended by 5 years, with an express pathway to permanent residency upon expiry.

Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge told George Moore Australia will also be appealing to Hong Kong-based companies interested in moving their headquarters to somewhere “more free and more democratic”.

“We want to be in the position whereby they might consider Australia as their destination to bring their business.”

The suite of policy measures has left some Australians concerned that homegrown workers may be pushed out of the job market, George warned.

Mr Tudge downplayed the issue, assuring listeners the migration reform will have economic benefits.

“We’re really trying to target the super talent out there.

“These people are job makers. If you bring a business out here, it’s creating wealth and further opportunities for Australia rather than diminishing them.”

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