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‘I’m gonna come after you’: Peter Dutton issues stark warning to busload hoarders

Peter Dutton has vowed to ‘come down like a ton of bricks’ on possible crime syndicates who have been busing it out to regional supermarkets and clearing out shelves.

There have been reports of busloads of people turning up to rural supermarkets and stockpiling on items.

The Home Affairs Minister tells Ray Hadley he believes organised crime syndicates are behind it.

“We do have some people I think that are profiteering.

“They’re hoarding, not for their own consumption, I think they’re either sending some of the products overseas or they’re selling it in a black market arrangement in Australia.

“I’m gonna come after those people… It won’t be a pretty experience when we deal with them.

“We will come down like a ton of bricks on those individuals because I think they’re the ones that have created this pattern of behaviour of hoarding and clearing out shelves.”

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Anyone with photo evidence of these buses in front of regional supermarkets is being urged to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


Image: Getty/Tracey Nearmy