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‘I’m flabbergasted’: Deb Knight hits back at ‘gutless’ social media trolls

Karl Stefanovic
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Channel Nine and 2GB host Deb Knight has hit back at online trolls who attacked her for working too hard.

As Deb filled in on The Steve Price Show on Monday, some on social media labelled her a bad mum for not spending enough time with her kids.

Ben Fordham called out the “gutless” slur for what it is, “a clear and dodgy double standard”.

Now, Deb has responded herself telling her friend and colleague Karl Stefanovic the criticism has left her “perplexed”.

“I don’t want to beat up the impact that the trolls are having on me personally because I’m a tough cookie and I’m in the public eye and a lot of it goes with the territory and I get that.

“I am really grateful for Ben [Fordham] for speaking out in the way that he has because I don’t think it’s until we hear blokes standing up and calling this sort of rubbish out that we’ll see a change.”

‘Dodgy double standard’: Ben Fordham defends Deb Knight from ‘gutless’ trolls

Deb went on to say the “mummy guilt” she places on herself is more than enough to deal with and urged those on social media to stop spreading hate.

“I would love to spend way more time than I do with the kids but unfortunately, the reality is, I’ve got to work to make a living.

“And I shouldn’t have to apologise for that. I’m flabbergasted that working hard is something that is considered a negative.

“Lay off on the pile on mentality from people who hide behind their keyboards.”

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Karl Stefanovic