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‘I couldn’t win’: Aussie artist reveals how ‘haters’ changed her life and music

Australian country musician Jasmine Rae has released a new single hitting back at ‘haters’, who attacked her over a copyright case.

Ms Rae was dragged into the international spotlight in 2018 when a lawsuit was filed by two of her songwriters, Sean Carey and Beau Golden, against superstar musicians Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who they accused of plagiarising their song.

Despite not being a party in the proceedings, Ms Rae was accused of trying to make more money off the song at the centre of the matter, ‘When I Found You’.

She told Ray Hadley she felt the lawsuit was “morally incorrect”, yet nevertheless faced attacks from fans of the stars.

“The only reason I know that [the lawsuit] was settled is via Google, Ray. I was kept nowhere near in the loop.

“Because people didn’t understand I wasn’t involved, fans of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and also Ed Sheeran who wrote the song, were very … vocal [and critical] of me.

“I couldn’t win – literally – either way.

“My song began as a song I wrote for my best friend’s wedding.

“[It] begins as this thing that’s so innocent and has this one memory, and then turns into something completely different.”

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Image: Facebook/Jasmine Rae