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How to grow the perfect rose according to the keeper of Flemington’s famous gardens

The man who has grown Australia’s most famous roses for over 40 years has revealed his tips to growing the perfect roses.

For 43 years, Terry Freeman has been the keeper of the roses that line the Straight Six at Flemington Racecourse.

“It’s a fairly cushy job,” he tells Alan Jones. “How many people get paid to do something they love doing for 43 years?”

Tour groups from all over the world come to see the famous gardens, which include over 16,000 roses.

He tells Alan there are some fairly simple principles to follow when you’re looking to grow the perfect rose.

“They don’t like competition so don’t grow them around trees. Give them as much sunshine as you can possibly give them. 

“Feed them during the growing season, give them three good feeds.

“The secret is to keep them growing because roses flower on new growth, so if you can keep them growing you’ll keep them flowering.”

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