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How our COVID-19 response could lead to a healthier Australia

Public health officials are hopeful that lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic may reduce transmission of disease in the long term.

While Australia’s low rate of community transmission of COVID-19 has been the envy of the world, NSW Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant says it’s not time to slack off on good hygiene practices.

“At this time, complacency is our key enemy,” she told Ray Hadley.

Moreover, with Australians washing and sanitising their hands and surfaces more frequently, Dr Chant says there’s been a marked decrease in respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.

“It does highlight how those simple public health measures are very effective at reducing the transmission of those diseases.

“As a public health doctor, I’m really hopeful that we take the learnings from COVID, and translate them even if we do have an effective vaccine down the track.”

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