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How a typo sparked a six-decade struggle with Births, Deaths and Marriages

81-year-old Raymond O’Keefe has been celebrating his birthday prematurely all his life, if his birth certificate was to be believed.

After six attempts over sixty years to have his date of birth changed from July 27 to July 28, he ended up taking Births, Deaths and Marriages to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal – and won.

He explained to Deborah Knight how his father was probably to blame for the unintended typo.

“It was a handwritten birth certificate in [those] days, and the Register said that … it was probably verbally given.

“My mum was in labour that night, had me in the early hours of the 28th, and he’d inadvertently put the 27th.

“My license has the 28th; everything else, all my records have the 28th.”

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