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Horned devils and Christmas at KFC: Strange festive traditions from around the world

Editor of Get Lost Magazine Justin Jamieson joins Chris Kenny to chat about crazy Christmas customs from around the world.

Chris tells Justin that his tradition is a just bit of backyard cricket.

“I’m just remembering my younger brother’s bowling action. It made Max Walker look good,” says Justin.

He also shares a range of strange customs, including the popular sensation Elf on a Shelf as well as ones that are a little wilder.

“I reckon the best one is in Austria, the Krampus tradition. The Krampus is frightening horned devil invented to be the opposite of Saint Nick.

“Every year on 5 December they have this Krampus festival where people dress up as these monstrous creatures walking the streets, terrifying children.

And then there’s the Japanese tradition of Christmas at KFC.

Click PLAY below to find out why KFC gets booked out for Christmas in Japan.