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‘Hope for the future’: Alan Jones praises year 12 student

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Alan Jones has interviewed a year 12 student who is critical of Labor’s “populist” policies. 

17-year-old Joanne Tran, a student at Burwood Girls High School, has written several newspaper columns about how Labor’s policies will negatively impact young people.

She tells Alan Jones many young people don’t understand basic issues, such as how Labor’s negative gearing policy will impact them the most.

“It’s going to impact the most vulnerable, which are renters.

“When a significant portion of renters are young people, it’s going to be absolutely horrible because what will happen is it will cause rent to skyrocket which will, in the end, make it harder for young people to save for a house.

“When Bill Shorten talks about having a ‘fair go’, I don’t think he can say that when his policies are literally advocating against that.”

Alan Jones praised the young woman, claiming she’s more knowledgeable than a lot of politicians.

“This is a very significant interview here.

“This is hope for the future. A year 12 student, but the staggering thing is there are people in Canberra who don’t know what Joanne knows.”

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