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‘Heed that advice’: What’s made Peter Dutton support Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen

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Senior government minister Peter Dutton appears to have a new election tactic, urging voters to follow the bizarre advice of Chris Bowen.

The shadow treasurer responded to criticism of Labor’s plan to scrap cash payments for excess franking credits in what can only be described as idiotic fashion.

Speaking on the ABC, he said seniors who will be worse off under the plan should take their vote elsewhere, because the Opposition won’t back down.

“If they feel that this is something which should impact on their vote, they are of course perfectly entitled to vote against us,” he said.

Ray Hadley has lashed the career politician, saying he’s out of touch with the real world.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton took a much more supportive approach though.

“I would normally say to people if Chris Bowen offers you financial advice, do the opposite.

“But if he’s telling them not to vote for him, if he’s saying to older Australians, ‘if you don’t like it, suck it up and vote against Labor’, well I think people should heed that advice.”

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Minister Peter Dutton also accused Labor of running a “protection racket” for known terrorist Neil Prakash.

The Opposition has criticised government attempts to strip Prakash of his Australian citizenship, after Fiji rejected claims Prakash is a dual national.

Mr Dutton tells Ray he can’t understand why Labor is worried about the rights of a terrorist.

“My job is to act in our country’s best interests, to stop these people hurting Australians.

“And all I’ve heard from the Labor Party is excuses as to why he should come back. It’s just unbelievable.”