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Heartbroken sister of deceased train driver phones Alan Jones

The sister of the train driver killed in last week’s XPT derailment has made an emotional phone call to Alan Jones.

John Kennedy and a colleague died in the crash in Victoria and a dozen passengers were injured.

The cause is under investigation but Mr Kennedy had emailed a friend about his concerns regarding the safety of the Sydney to Melbourne link just weeks before the crash.

His sister Catherine heard Alan Jones speak about the incident last week, calling for an investigation into the safety of the track.

She phoned the openline on Monday morning with an emotional message, thanking Alan and defending her brother.

“John loved train driving, he’s always wanted to be a train driver his whole life.

“I just can’t believe that he would have taken unnecessary risks with people’s lives. He took his job seriously.”

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Several experienced train drivers and union delegates have told Alan Jones the section of track is a disgrace, with some areas resembling a “goat track” full of mud holes and crooked rail.

There are further questions being raised around the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) rules contradicting state safety laws for train drivers.



Train driver emailed concerns weeks before being killed in XPT derailment

Image: Supplied by Clive Williams