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Heartbroken farmer falls victim to Ruby Princess community transmission

Ben Fordham has heard from a farmer who this afternoon learned he’s the unlucky 13th member of his community to contract COVID-19 from a cruise ship passenger.

Chris, who lives in regional NSW and already suffers respiratory issues, believes a Ruby Princess passenger who has since passed away is the source of more than a dozen counts of community transmission.

“The original [case] up in this area came off the bloody boat.

“I’ve done everything I can to keep away from this thing, masks and gloves at the doctors.”

During the emotional phone call, Chris admitted he’s angry about the way the Ruby Princess disaster has been handled.

“I’m pretty P-ed off about it, but I’ve just got to deal with the hand that I’ve been given.

“I’ve just got to try and survive through the damn thing, and hope that I come out the other side.

“Every night’s a battle with the breathing, but it’s a battle I’ll win – I’ve got too much to live for.”

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Image: Getty/James D. Morgan