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Healthcare system receives $2.4-billion war chest to fight coronavirus

Australia’s health system will receive a $2.4-billion boost to help manage coronavirus.

Up to 100 specialised pop-up clinics will be rolled out across the country, each with the capacity to assess 75 people a day.

The aim is to divert people with mild coronavirus symptoms away from emergency departments.

Money will also be spent on providing “telehealth” services, giving people in self-isolation access to healthcare advice using their Medicare card.

A national information campaign will also get underway in the coming days.

Health Minister Greg Hunt tells Alan Jones “things will return to normal” and that the package based around a six-month timeframe.

“In Hubei Province, where the outbreak commenced, there continues to be growth, although that is flattening. In the rest of China, there is a genuine flattening of the increase.

“This is a time-limited event. It’s not a permanent event. It’s very important for the public to understand there is an arc to the virus and ultimately things will return to normal.

“The measures we’re planning today, we are setting them initially for six months based. The medical advice has been what’s helped us drive this package of additional support for Australians.”

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Alan Jones asked the Health Minister about the self-isolation strategy, questioning exactly how it works?

Do partners still share the same bed, bathroom, kitchen? Do parents sit at the dinner table with their kids? Do families members self-isolate as well or do they go out into the community?

Minister Hunt repeatedly struggled to answer the question, with Alan Jones saying everybody is confused.

“That still is not clear! I still don’t understand and nor does anybody.”