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Health Minister addresses case of young dad denied exemption after brain surgery

Health Minister Steven Miles has addressed the case of a young dad denied an exemption to get home to Toowoomba after brain surgery in Sydney.

Father of two David Jonsson had surgery to remove a tumour in his brain the size of an apricot.

He told Neil Breen yesterday he was refused an exemption and is in hotel quarantine in Brisbane, without access to equipment to aid in his rehabilitation.

Mr Miles told Neil Breen he would not get into the detail of individual cases to respect people’s privacy, but appreciated it was a distressing situation.

“I understand when the Chief Health Officer reviewed that case she determined we could provide better health support in our new medi-hotel and that’s what would be offered in those kinds of scenarios,” he said.

“It’s a new rearrangement we have got… it’s a bit like a hospital in a hotel.”

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Young dad denied exemption after brain surgery, told he ‘can’t be trusted’ to stay home

Image: Nine News