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Health groups label Sydney’s smoke haze a ‘public health emergency’

Health and medical professionals have banded together to call on the government to act on “a public health emergency” caused by bushfire smoke.

Sydney has experienced air pollution up to 11 times worse than “hazardous” levels is the last couple of weeks.

About 22 health groups have produced a joint statement calling for action to combat the health issues from the pollution.

Royal Australasian College of Physicians Fellow Dr Kate Charlesworth was a signatory of the statement and tells Natalie Peters and Erin Molan there needs to be more public awareness.

“We used to think air pollution was just linked with heart and lung disease but more recently has really shown that it’s linked to a whole range of health impacts so we’re looking at stillbirths, premature babies, childhood asthma.

“We’re really understanding that there’s no safe level of air pollution.”

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Natalie Peters & Erin Molan