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‘He still has quite a bit more to give to our country’: Tony Abbott backs Barnaby revival

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he’s not prepared to “write-off” Barnaby Joyce, amid claims his political career is over.

Mr Joyce and his partner Vicki Campion gave a paid tell-all interview, talking about his affair and the birth of their baby.

Some federal politicians believe Mr Joyce is likely to quit politics, claiming he’ll struggle to ever be promoted again.

But Mr Abbott tells Ray Hadley, he’s not so pessimistic.

“It’s a brave person who writes off anyone in this vale of tears, even someone who is going through the wars a bit.

“I’m in that pick and stick club. He’s a friend and he’ll stay a friend and I think, that if he wants to, he still has a quite a bit more to give to our country.”

Mr Abbott didn’t watch the interview, saying he’d rather focus on Barnaby’s achievements in public office.

“I think right now best thing all of us can do is just leave Barnaby and Vikki, and sadly Natalie and the girls, to get on with their private lives.”

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