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‘He hasn’t got a clue!’: Ray Hadley slams senator’s ‘stupidity’

Ray Hadley has called out a senator who has been caught spreading misinformation about the controversial medevac laws.

The medevac legislation allows asylum seekers held in detention to be transferred to Australia if treating doctors deem it necessary.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has continuously warned the laws are simply being used as an excuse to get people into mainland Australia so they can launch legal action to stay long-term.

But on Sky News last night, crossbench Senator Rex Patrick claimed that’s impossible, and that about 130 people have already been returned to Manus and Nauru under the legislation.

“The fact is that the law does not permit anyone to stay in Australia,” he told Paul Murray.

But the Home Affairs Minister has confirmed 143 people have arrived in Australia under the legislation and not one has left the country (full statement below).

Ray slammed the senator’s “stupidity” for spreading information that is “absolutely incorrect”.

“It beggars belief that a senator who voted on legislation… hasn’t got a clue about it!

“If Senator Patrick told me it was raining I’d have to go outside and check.

“A senator in the Australian Parliament who actually voted for the legislation is so misguided that he doesn’t understand the legislation!”

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Statement from the Home Affairs Minister in response to Rex Patrick’s comments:

“That is entirely incorrect. 

“It does not provide a mechanism to return or remove transitory persons brought to Australia back to a regional processing country or third country – this was provided via evidence at Senate Estimates by the Department too.”