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‘Gutless wonders’: Steve Price forced to defend Today Show appearance

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Steve Price has been forced to defend his appearance on a Today Show panel discussing Uluru after it was attacked online for being ‘too white’.

Steve appeared alongside Pauline Hanson and Deb Knight to discuss whether people should continue to be allowed to climb the sacred Aboriginal site.

But they were soon lambasted on Twitter for not including an indigenous voice on the panel.

But Steve says he has just as much right to express his opinion as anyone else.

“It was a genuine discussion and debate, but people jump on Twitter, gutless wonders that they are.”

Sky News host and commentator Rita Panahi agrees, telling Steve she doesn’t agree with divisive “race-based rules”.

“How do they know you identify as caucasian? You could identify as anything. This is very, very unwoke of them.

“This is you being convicted of holding an opinion whilst white, and that is a grave offence in this day and age.”

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One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson tells Ben Fordham she’s “not impressed” by the ban and thinks everyone should be allowed to climb Uluru.

“I think it’s a load of BS that’s going on now saying that it’s sacred land and you shouldn’t be actually climbing the rock.

“It’s been happening for decades and nothing’s happened about it.

“This is a wonder of the world and it should be available for people to go out there in awe and watch it and climb it.”