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Greg Sheridan’s ‘common sense’ interview with Ray rejects COVID-19 deniers

Journalist Greg Sheridan says “crackpot” theorists spouting misinformation about COVID-19 are irresponsible. 

Ray Hadley spoke to The Australian‘s foreign affairs editor Greg Sheridan who said some people weren’t living in reality.

It comes as an increasing number of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists and anti-maskers post their escapades on social media.

Ray implored “intelligent people” in mainstream media to stop saying it was nothing more than the flu.

Mr Sheridan said it was “irresponsible” to pretend there was no risk.

“If we don’t take the proper measures we will end up with our cities like New York was – when they were using refrigerated trucks to take away the bodies because there were too many of them,” he said.

“It’s not a matter of theory or trusting the science – open your eyes and look at what’s happening.”

Ray Hadley said it was not a question of age or the economic toll.

“I spoke to an economist last week, who said when we start comparing the cost with death toll we are in a bit of strife as a nation.”

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