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Greens and independents searching for ‘loopholes’ to break the government’s Christmas Island plan

The Greens, independents and some refugees groups are reportedly looking for “pathways” to bring asylum seekers from Christmas Island to Australia.

Scott Morrison announced the reopening of the detention centre last week to deal with a potential influx of people smuggling boats since the passing of the medivac bill.

The government will also use the island to treat asylum seekers currently on Nauru and Manus who are granted a medical transfer to Australia.

Because Christmas Island is annexed from the mainland, refugee lawyers cannot launch legal action to have asylum seekers remain in the country.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten initially described the plan as heinous but has since backflipped and supported it in parliament.

Macquarie National News Political Editor Michael Pachi tells Ray Hadley the Greens and independents are now searching for legal loopholes to bring those sent to Christmas Island to the mainland.

“They’re trying to find out if there’s any loopholes in the laws that can be circumvented and these people could still remain in Australia.”

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