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Government refuses to buckle to protesters, refugees given strict instructions

Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has given refugees strict instructions and refuses to bow down to the requests of protesters.

The ongoing refugee protests at the Kangaroo Point complex, calling for refugees to stay in the community, are costing taxpayers $270,000 a week.

Mr Tudge told Neil Breen refugees who came to Australia under the medevac legislation would receive health treatment and then be required to leave.

“One-third of all cases didn’t take up treatment that they were offered and supposedly came out for,” he said.

“We are now asking and requiring people to take one of the three options which they have. One of which is to go to the United States … one of which is to return to PNG or Nauru … or thirdly return to their home country, if indeed they have been found to not be a refugee.

“I know this is what the activists want … they want these people to stay permanently in Australia.

“We’re just not going to do that again”

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