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Good Tucker: It’s all about the bacon

Ah, bacon. Glorious bacon.

Egg and bacon rolls. Bacon on pancakes. Bacon just by itself.

One Sydney cafe has gone above and beyond, creating a menu that features the meat in every single recipe. Including the cocktails.

Black Forest Smokehouse supplies the smoked meats to the Cuckoo Callay cafe and it’s a match made in heaven.

Cuckoo Callay’s co-owner Ibby Moubadder tells Chris Smith even his desserts have the salty meat inside.

“You have to try it!”

General Manager of Black Forest Smokehouse Josh Deignan reveals what they do differently to get the perfect taste.

“Bacon’s become this large commodity that people take for granted,” he says.

“They just think bacon’s bacon but you can get really good bacon as Ibby has.”

Cuckoo Callay’s bacon festival is a celebration of the delectable meat and will continue from now until the end of June.

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