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Gold Coast council moving ahead with controversial Main Beach tower

Gold Coast City Council is planning to move ahead with a controversial development at Main Beach on the Gold Coast.

The council’s planning committee is recommending the approval of a 20-storey apartment block on Main Beach Parade, and it’s left residents furious amid concerns it will destroy the beachfront ambience.

Ray Hadley who is a resident at an apartment block opposite from the development says, while he won’t be impacted, “it’s over the top for Main Beach and sets a dangerous precedent”.

The initial plans for the proposed development saw it come in at 45-55 storeys, but the developer then withdrew its application and applied a new Development Application for a 20-storey block.

It’s 250 per cent larger than the permitted site limit.

One councillor who has spoken against the apartment block is Gary Baildon.

He tells Ray “it comes down to density”.

“I’ve got no objections to high rise buildings, but they need to be set back from their boundaries so they appear reasonably slim.”

Mr Baildon says he’s concerned it could leave the Sunshine State without something it’s famous for, sunshine.

“The bulkier they are, the more they block the sunshine and the general ambience of the whole area.

“We don’t want to block out the sunshine.”

“I would indicate to everyone connected with it… that they lobby their local councillor and show their displeasure at the decision that’s been taken by the planning committee chairman Cameron Caldwell and others,” says Ray.

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