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Get Smart’s Barbara Feldon reveals off-air relationship with co-star Don Adams

Iconic Get Smart star Barbara Feldon admits her chemistry with the late Don Adams did not translate off-screen.

The 86-year-old starred as Agent 99 in the hit sitcom, the sidekick to Don Adams’ Maxwell Smart.

She tells Chris Smith being part of the show was as fun as people would imagine.

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But she says although she and Mr Adams worked closely together, it did nothing for their friendship.

“We never saw each other off-screen.

“We were very friendly and very nice to each other but it was on the formal side.

“I don’t think in five years I had a serious conversation with Don once.”

Decades later, during the 1989 remake of Get Smart, their friendship blossomed.

“There was a great affection and warmth between us which stayed that way until his death.”

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