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Frozen veggies recalled after possible listeria outbreak

Macquarie National News

A number of frozen vegetables have been recalled from Australian supermarkets over a possible listeria scare.

Originating from Belgium and Hungary, the affected products have been removed from shelves in Woolworths, IGA, Aldi and some independent supermarkets.

The full list of recalled products can be found HERE.

A range of frozen corn, peas, carrots and mixed veggies have been pulled after a listeria outbreak in Europe killed nine people and left dozens ill.

Deadly listeria bacteria linked to food killed six people in NSW and Victoria earlier this year.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand spokeswoman Lorraine Haase tells Macquarie National News the recall is a precaution.

“If they’re boiled according to instructions and cooked properly it’s not a risk.

“But we do know some people like to eat these frozen products straight from the freezer.”

Recalled products:

  • Woolworths – Essentials snap frozen mixed veg 1kg: Carrots, peas, corn, green beans & potatoes – National distribution Best Before 19 MAR 2020 through to 24 APR 2020
  • Woolworths – Bell Farms Steam Veggie Carrot Corn and Broccoli 3pk 450g – National distribution, all stock
  • IGA – Black & Gold Corn Kernels 500g – National distribution Best Before all dates
  • IGA – Black & Gold Mixed Vegetables 1kg: Carrots, peas, beans & corn – National distribution Best Before all dates
  • ALDI – Market Fare Peas, Carrots and Super Sweet Corn 1kg – National distribution
  • ALDI – Market Fare Corn Kernels 1kg QLD, VIC, WA and select NSW stores Product of Hungary (only)
  • ALDI – Market Fare Mixed Vegetables 1kg QLD, NSW, ACT, WA Packed in Belgium from Imported and Belgian Ingredients (only)
  • ALDI – Market Fare Quick Steam Carrot Broccoli and Cauliflower 450g – National distribution
  • ALDI – Market Fare Quick Steam Carrot Corn and Broccoli 450g – National distribution
  • ALDI: Only products with country of origin of Belgium, United Kingdom or Hungary, all other countries not affected.
Macquarie National News