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Free debit cards for 500,000 Australians

Banks are sending out free debit cards to help Australians go cash-free during this health crisis.

COVID-19 has seen a dramatic decline in the use of cash, which has impacted half a million Australians who don’t use debit cards or online banking.

Australian Banking Association CEO Anna Bligh told Deborah Knight it is important all Australians have the option to pay by card in the current climate.

“These cards are not mandatory.

“We not only have more and more merchants saying they won’t accept cash, but we also have, particularly people 70 and over, being told by our health officials that they should be isolating to the greatest extent possible.

“This is giving people the option to get online, to change the habit of a lifetime.”

The cards will be linked to the recipient’s existing accounts where possible, or a new $0 account will be set up to be activated by the user.

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