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Foxtel cable connections: ‘It has nothing to do with the NBN’

Foxtel has made the decision to ditch cable connection and switch to satellite distribution. 

The move created quite a stir with initial reports suggesting it was because the NBN cable was incompatible with Foxtel.

NBN has since confirmed the cables are compatible, and the decision is likely a “commercial decision” from Foxtel.

“It has nothing to do with the NBN, this is a decision of Foxtel,” says NBN Public Affairs Manager Philippa Perry.

“For whatever reason, they’ve decided to go down the satellite path.”

She tells Chris Smith nothing changes for those with satellite dishes already fitted for the Foxtel connection but says things “may change” for those on a cable connection.

Philippa also answers caller questions.

Listen to the full interview below


Foxtel ditching cable connections for satellite dishes