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Former professor takes aim at climate change science

A former geology professor is taking aim at climate change science, saying “we have been fed a mickey”.

Former professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide Ian Plimer is challenging the hardline position on climate change.

He tells Chris Smith he’s worked in the university system long enough to know what research grants get precedence.

“You live or you die unless you get research grant money.

“If you can frighten people witless, if you can get politicians to have a cause, you’ll get funded.

“The best causes you can have are those that you can’t see. Radiation, mobile phone radiation, climate change which you can’t see.”

When it comes to the government propping up the renewable energy sector, Mr Plimer has a simple message.

“I would say, do you want to keep your job?

“We are now playing extraordinary prices for energy in a country that’s got more energy than any other country in the world.

“We one had very cheap, reliable energy. The cheaper the energy the more jobs you have. We once had that.”

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