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Former policeman floats stricter penalty for drivers using mobile phones

A former police officer says motorists who use their phone behind the wheel should face similar consequences as drink drivers.

There has been talk of installing cameras to catch drivers using their phones and penalising them with increased fines.

“But perhaps we need to take a more drastic approach,” says Chris Smith.

Retired senior constable and President of Road Trauma Services Queensland Gary Church says he doesn’t think the fines are a strong enough deterrent.

He tells Chris drivers using their phones should face similar consequences to drink drivers.

“It means… you’re being charged and you’re going before a magistrate to explain your actions as to why you’ve been blatant toward the law, why you’re prepared to put other lives at risk and why you shouldn’t have your license disqualified.”

The former policeman also says losing your license for mobile phone use would be a “great deterrent”.

“People would be a little bit more aware.”

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