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Former Hi-5 star reveals why a reunion may be off the cards

Former Hi-5 star Nathan Foley says fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a reunion of the beloved children’s TV show’s original cast.

Joining Deborah Knight in the studio, Mr Foley admitted it’s unlikely the Hi-5 cast will follow in the Wiggles’ footsteps.

“Honestly Deb, we possibly can’t [have a reunion] at this stage, because we don’t own the product – we never did, we were just employees of the company.

“We’d have to find out who owns the company: I think it’s someone in Malaysia at this stage.”

The singer-songwriter has branched out from children’s entertainment in the decade since he left the show, appearing in the Australian production of Mamma Mia, and as a contestant on The Voice last year.

His latest adventure is the release of his new single ‘She Devil’.

“It’s got that old, Australian rock feel, honing in on the Noiseworks, INXS kind of vibe, and that’s exactly the kind of path that I wanted to go down.”

“It’s got ‘hit’ written all over it!” Deb cheered.

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