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Former Greenpeace member likens school climate strikes to Hitler Youth

One of the first members of Greenpeace claims global student climate strikes are reminiscent of the Hitler Youth. 

Patrick Moore joined the environmentalist organisation in 1971, and is a firm advocate of switching to nuclear energy.

He’s calling for the adults behind student protests being held around the world to be condemned.

In particular, Dr Moore tells Alan Jones he’s worried about the global face of the strikes, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.

“She’s a child in Sweden being used mercilessly by her parents and by society to bring about these school strikes for climate change.

“I’ve seen her giving her statements… it’s absolutely clear that other people are writing the words that she is saying.

“And she has a mild form of autism so this is child abuse in the worst way.”

Dr Moore says the hysteria being drilled into our children has been seen before, throughout history.

“Whether it’s the Hitler Youth or whatever it is really mainly fascists and communists that use children in this way, as a front.

“They should be condemned outright by everyone in the world.”

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