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Five years for justice: Senior army official finally cleared of involvement in sex scandal

A former senior army official has finally been publically cleared of involvement in the army’s ‘Jedi Council’ sex scandal, five years after he was incorrectly implicated.

Former Lieutenant Colonel Karel Dubsky never opened an email he was sent by a group of soldiers which allegedly contained offensive material about women serving in the defence force.

Mr Dubsky was stood down from his duties after being falsely implicated in the scandal and although he was cleared of any wrongdoing in 2013, didn’t receive a public apology until late last week.

NSW Veterans Affairs Minister David Elliott says the highly-regarded officer has been to “hell and back” and deserves justice.

“Karel… has had to sit with this and wait for that justice to come through,” he tells Warren Moore.

“The tragedy is… his father passed away 11 months ago. His father passed away not knowing that the family name had been well and truly cleared of this ridiculous allegation.”

When the scandal broke, the then-Army Chief David Morrison made a scathing public address to those who had distributed the sexually explicit emails, saying any soldiers who didn’t respect women as equals should “get out” of the military.

Mr Elliott says the former army chief must apologise for the wrongs Mr Dubsky has faced.

“My mind is that David Morrison has to apologise to him.

“It isn’t fair that the man who forced Karel to resign from the army has yet to face up to the false allegations that were made.”

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