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First it was a sugar tax, now the AMA wants to ban vending machines

The Australia Medical Association (AMA) has already called for a sugar tax. Now they’re pushing for a ban on vending machines.

Chris Kenny speaks with David Leyonhjelm after he penned an article in The Daily Telegraph slamming the AMA for suggesting “everything bad for us must be taxed to save us from ourselves”.

“That whole idea that getting rid of vending machine will somehow do people good is quite ridiculous.

“It suggests that people are so weak-minded, so unable to control what they spend their money on.

“The AMA seems to think it has substantial expertise in all of these areas.

“They’re obviously intelligent people and they have expertise in treating people but why does that mean they are entitled to tell us how to live our lives?

“We are entitled to do bad things to ourselves… and it’s not the AMA’s or doctors’ business.”

Listen to the full interview below

The video below shows a vending machine in the foyer of the AMA building