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Find a Winner: Is Piggy plagiarising his tips?

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Michael Sullivan from BlueBet and Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell give Ray the odds and tips for this weekend’s sport.

But this week, Ray Hadley has cast dispersions on Piggy’s tips, accusing him of putting his “fingers in the lolly jar”.

“I believe there’s some plagiarism attached to his tips Michael, that’s the accusation I’m making today.”

He says to Piggy, “it’s remarkable, the last five tips you’ve had coincide with the tips offered on 2KY!”.

Senior presenter of 2KY Sky Racing, Greg Radley, jumps in.

Greg: “With the research I’ve started in the last the last week, Sky will now be known as the plaintiff, Piggy Riddell, the defendant.

“This will be going further.”

Ray: “I have no doubt! This sort of plagiarism, people have been sacked over this in the past.”

“Ray: You’ve been caught with your fingers in the lolly jar!”

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