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Fill up now to avoid the Christmas petrol price gouge

Motorists are being urged to fill up now to avoid the annual petrol price gouging that comes with the holiday season.

Deborah Knight spoke with the NRMA’s Peter Khoury to get all the tips on how to avoid being ripped off.

“The NRMA is fundamentally committed to helping people reduce their costs of motoring, especially at the bowser and even more so now heading into Christmas.

“That’s why we’ve come out early to say, look we know prices are going to go up between now and the holidays.”

Sydney petrol is already over $1.31 per litre on average and is only going to continue rising heading towards Christmas day.

“South-west and western Sydney is where the greatest concentration of cheap petrol is.”

Brisbane prices are at $1.28 a litre and will continue to fall until the end of the week, before heading in the other direction.

Listen to all of Peter Khoury’s fuel tips below