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Festival goers made to sign ridiculous pill testing waiver form

A waiver form from a trial of pill testing by the Greens last year states the test finds no evidence of “purity”, “safety” or “dose”.

Patrons attending Groovin in Moo festival at Canberra in April were made to sign a waiver form removing any liability of staff in the case of “personal injury or death” resulting from the pill.

“So that means the test is useless,” says Ray Hadley.

See the form below

The form goes on to say “The only way guarantee, 100%, that you are not harmed by consuming drugs is not to consume drugs”.

“That’s the only thing in the waiver that makes any sense,” says Ray.

“That’s the most important part of the waiver form. In fact, that’s the important part of the whole bloody document!”

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