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Federal support for farmers after vegan activism

The Attorney-General has backed the Prime Minister in his support for farmers after a series of vegan activism around the nation.

The Prime Minister has said he supports any farmers who would like to launch a test case against those trespassing.

The activist group, Aussie Farms, posted an interactive map which collates addresses of farms across the country.

The group is encouraging activists to post photographs and videos of supposed animal exploitation taken at the properties.

The federal Attorney-General Christian Porter says Aussie Farms are now subject to privacy laws, where they face fines of around two million dollars.

Mr Porter has written to all state and territories to strengthen their respective laws.

He tells Ross Greenwood the government supports farmers.

“If any of these businesses want to run a civil action… then we as the Commonwealth Government would be very pleased to look at that and give every assistance that we could.”

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The CEO of the Australian Meat Industry Council Patrick Hutchinson tells Ross he is pleased with the government support.

“It’s part of a suite of actions we can undertake.

“This is what we see… as an attack on regional Australia.”

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