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Federal housing minister says states don’t understand deadly cladding issue

The federal Housing Minister believes the states don’t fully understand the danger of the flammable cladding issue.

Thousands of buildings across Australia have been fitted with the potentially deadly cladding that saw London’s Grenfell Tower go up in flames.

Victoria has unveiled a multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded plan to remove the cladding but NSW says it’s a matter for building owners to deal with.

Minister Michael Sukkar tells Alan Jones state governments are working to get up to speed on the matter.

“The full extent of this, I don’t think is fully understood by state governments.

“I know they’re doing a lot of catch up work to make sure they are appraising themselves of the full set of consequences.

“Not just in the flammable cladding but other structural issues.”

‘I’ll hold them accountable’: PM’s warning to the states over cladding crisis

Mr Sukkar says the issue is concerning but is urging the public not to be scared.

“The vast majority of these types of projects are very sound, are very safe.

“There is a group that don’t fall into that category and of course we’re encouraging our state counterparts to do everything they can to make those people whole because they are the innocent victims.”

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