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Fears polio could return as anti-vax movement grows

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Concerns of the disease polio returning have surfaced as the anti-vaxxer movement grows. 

There have been 85 cases of measles around the country this year as more people join the anti-vaxxers.

Last year Papua New Guinea experienced its first polio outbreak after it was deemed eradicated about 20 years ago.

Polio is a disease which affects the nervous system and causes irreversible paralysis, preventable with a vaccine.

The national patron for Polio Australia Dr John Tierney contracted the disease at birth and still suffers from the late effects of polio.

He tells Alan Jones, “as you get older these things keep getting worse for you.”

“A doctor… came to the hospital to deliver me… he should have washed his hands better.

“Every joint I have between my belly button and big toe is arthritic.”

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