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Fake research exposes politically correct academics

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Three scholars have exposed the bias in academic research by successfully publishing several fake papers in peer-reviewed journals.

The ‘grievance studies’ hoax came about when a group of academics decided to test their theory that the humanities had become overrun by a victim mentality.

To prove this, they wrote and submitted several deliberately ludicrous, unevidenced papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

One paper, published in a feminist journal, lifted a passage directly from Hitler’s Mein Kampf and littered it with modern jargon, while another discussed how the behaviour of dogs exposes racism and toxic masculinity.

One of the authors of the hoax, Helen Pluckrose, tells Alan Jones they knew they could get the papers published “if they flattered certain ideological assumptions: that men are oppressive, that white people are oppressive.”

But she says it was the response of those who originally accepted the papers for publication that was most surprising. 

“The strangest reaction was that quite a few of them stood by our arguments in our papers. They said they were good, even though we didn’t agree with them.”

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Helen Pluckrose will be speaking at the Ramsay Centre in Sydney on Tuesday 18 June.

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