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Extortionate cancellation fee sours first-time traveller’s ‘holiday of a lifetime’

Cruising company Scenic is under fire after charging one of their customers a cancellation fee more than six times his refund.

67-year-old single dad Michael Butler had been saving up for the European cruise – his first time travelling overseas – for a decade.

“It was going to be the so-called holiday of a lifetime,” Mr Butler told Scott Emerson.

After five months, his request for a full refund due to the ongoing pandemic was denied.

Instead, he was offered a $9,439 partial refund, and a two-year rollover credit.

“I don’t whether I’ll even be able to go overseas, something might happen to me.

“They sent me an email, and the email said ‘Sorry, we can’t help you, … it’s going to cost you $58,000-plus in cancellation fees.

“Cancelling what? [The boat] never went!”

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