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Extinction Rebellion says public disruption won’t stop until demands met

Clime activists will continue to protest despite the major public disruption felt across Australia’s major cities.

Extinction Rebellion has shut down roads and rail in dangerous and illegal protests across the country, taking up significant police resources.

Miriam Robinson from Extinction Rebellion tells Deborah Knight they will keep protesting until their demands are met.

Deborah questions whether they are getting people offside rather than garnering more support.

Miriam Robinson: “A lot of people are taking that line but it’s actually not true.”

Deborah Knight: “Have you heard the callers on our stations, Miriam? It is very true.”

Ms Robinson says she apologises to people who are inconvenienced by their action but insists it is necessary.

“We’ve tried writing letters, doing petitions, lobbying politicians, and voting, it just doesn’t make any difference and we actually have run out of time.

“Unfortunately, these are the extremes that we find ourselves driven to, to get this issue in the public eye.”

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Deborah Knight