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Extinction Rebellion protesters cause chaos across Brisbane once again

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Nearly 20 people have been arrested after Extinction Rebellion activists continued to cause trouble across Brisbane as part of a week of action against climate change.

One protester suspended himself inside a hammock from the underside of Brisbane’s Story Bridge, with a banner and flags attached.

Police negotiated with the Extinction Rebellion activist and all lanes of the bridge remain open.

He has now come down from the hammock.

The man reportedly had several days of supplies on him and was refusing to come down until Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk declared a climate emergency.

Elsewhere in the Brisbane CBD, protesters have locked themselves inside drum barrels and onto boat trailers.

4BC Reporter Jarryd Braybrook is there and updates Ray on the carnage.

Click PLAY below to hear the latest update from 4BC Reporter Jarryd Braybrook

Meanwhile, Extinction Rebellion ringleader Eric ‘Serge’ Herbert escaped court with no conviction today.

He was allegedly being caught protesting in Brisbane’s CBD yesterday, breaching his bail conditions.

Image: Extinction Rebellion ring leader Eric ‘Serge’ Herbert (Nine News)


More than 50 people were arrested during yesterday’s rallies across the country, including 38 in Sydney.

Image: Nine News/Rob Morrison

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