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Ben Fordham whacks underwhelming Uber Eats action as restaurant petition hits 25k



It’s not enough.

That is Ben Fordham’s clear message to Uber Eats after the food delivery giant made a statement in response to his booming petition for a fair go for Australia’s struggling restaurants.

Ben has been calling for the food delivery services to cut their commissions as the dining industry turns to the services to stay afloat while their seats are empty amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response yesterday, Uber Eats exclusively revealed to Ben:

  • 25,000 free delivered meals to healthcare workers and other relief efforts
  • $5m in funding available for promotions on Uber Eats
  • A new opt-in program for restaurants to receive daily payments
  • Waiving sign on fees for new restaurants coming onto the platform, including caterers

But upon examining the detail, the 2GB Drive host today called for further action.

“This is nowhere near good enough,” he said.

“The only way you’re going to help these restaurants and cafes to survive is to dramatically slash that very healthy commission.

“I have suggested (a cut of 50%) would be an appropriate level.

“Cut it in half until the World Health Organisation no longer declares it a global pandemic

“It should never go back to 35 per cent again, quite frankly, but now’s the time to go to half.

“If you don’t do that, these restaurants will go broke … and your business model only survives on the blood sweet and tears of all these people running restaurant and cafe businesses.”

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