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EXCLUSIVE | Pauline Hanson enlists specialist in legal challenge to reopen QLD borders

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has lawyered up, taking her legal challenge against Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reopen the Queensland border to the High Court.

The senator told Mark Levy she’s enlisted Guy Reynolds SC, a specialist in High Court challenges, to argue her case that the border closure restricts trade and is therefore unconstitutional.

She accused the Queensland Premier and Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young of “scaremongering” at the risk of causing tourism operators to go bust.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has just been throwing her weight around … leading into Queensland’s state election.

“We can’t hold out ’til September!”

“It’s just ridiculous to think that soon we’ll be able to fly to New Zealand, but we can’t fly into Queensland,” Mark added.

Ms Hanson says her legal action reflects the needs and wants of Queenslanders, and has started a crowdfunding campaign to cover the fees.

“They’re acting not as true leaders, but as dictators, and they have to be held to account.”

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