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EXCLUSIVE | Former prisoner nearly hired as guard in the same jail he served time

Ray Hadley has revealed a former prisoner was nearly hired as a guard at the same NSW jail where he served time.

When applying to be a prison guard, the man had disclosed to Corrective Services NSW he spent five weeks on remand at Goulburn Correctional Centre before being sentenced for affray.

A whistleblower says the man completed his 11-week training at Bathurst Correctional Centre before being sent to Goulburn jail for an induction ahead of starting work there next week.

But he was removed from the premises when staff recognised him as a former inmate.

Corrections Minister Anthony Roberts is defending the decision to hire the man, telling Ray he has never reoffended and even served overseas in the Australian army.

“He was in no way considered a risk to the system. He disclosed fully that he had that prior conviction.

“I don’t think he’ll be starting work at Goulburn… but he’ll be starting within Corrections as soon as possible.”

But Ray says it’s ridiculous the staff at Goulburn weren’t informed a former prisoner would be joining their ranks.

Ray Hadley: “I’ve been happy to support people in the past who’ve made mistakes… but I don’t know that this has been handled appropriately in that the Assistant Governor of Goulburn jail wasn’t prior to the situation.”

Anthony Roberts: “Well that’s something I’ve asked advice on, Ray. Again, as you say it was embarrassing for the Governor, it was embarrassing for this young man and, quite frankly, it really should not have occurred.”

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